Jordi Calvet Torras


Jordi is LOF brand’s creator, as well as main stockholder and fundator of the company.


As Company’s CEO, Jordi manages the company and also decides comercial and financial guidelines.


Besides Company’s direction, Jordi leads also design and communication for LOF.


Music is Jordi’s other main passion. He plays guitar and piano.


Oriol Cornet Illa


Oriol is LOF’s commercial manager.


He leads the sales network and attends european clients, while he’s preparing the new jump into American markets.


Oriol practices fitness, running, football tenis, ski, cycling, swimming and many other sports…


Nowadays, he enjoys surfing good waves all around the world. 

Eduard Ramirez Vicens


Edu is in charge of production, quality and logistics for LOF, worldwide .


He’s able to make 20 things on 15 different fronts, and by madding them with good results.


He enjoys cooking, creating new recipes and by listening music from very diverse styles.


Have a look to his best recipes and music selected for each post at his blog (

Begoña Orive Tudela


Bego manages accounting, tax and financial part of the company.


She’s also legal matter’s supervisor, and Risk prevention’s responsible.


Her passion is a healthy life and nutrition, and also alternative therapies.


She invents vegan and raw dishes for a long time and shares them (